Interior protection

Beautiful, neat and clean car interior is with no doubt a dream of many car owners. Fragile structure of upholstery makes its surface vulnerable to external factors, resulting in fraying, staining and pilling.

Proper cleaning and protection of car upholstery can be a time-consuming and complicated task, especially when done single-handedly. But if you entrust us with your car, you can be sure its interior will be effectively protected and comprehensively refreshed with the use of our innovative solutions!

We offer professional protection of car upholstery, which constitutes a perfect protection from any kind of stains. In our work we use high quality agents consisting of carefully selected ingredients which get into each fiber separately, making the upholstery gain new look and becoming more resistant to fraying and fading. With the use of proper agents, you will gain effective protection from oils, grease as well as hot and cold drinks.

Comprehensive car interior protection will make your upholstery wear out more slowly, ensuring neat look of your seats for as long as you plan to use your car. Interior protection is a highest quality service for which we provide lifetime, annually-renewable warranty.

Benefits of Ziebart interior protection

We cover the upholstery and floor mats in your car with special protective coatings.
Prevention from fading and cracking of the paint caused by heat and sunrays.
You will easily remove any stains that might occur due to vehicle operation.
Your upholstery will wear out more slowly, it will keep its color and it will be resistant to all kinds of stains.
They will be safe from oils, grease as well as hot and cold drinks.
We also treat leather surfaces and ensure their softness and beautiful look for a long time.

Interior protection - Inner Guard

No matter if your car has cloth or leather seats, their cleaning and maintenance are crucial in keeping the upholstery in an impeccable state for a long time. Inner Guard is a revolutionary way of protecting your car interiors, which will make you forget about troubles with unaesthetic stains, strengthening the structure of material at the same time.

Inner Guard is a comprehensive and long-lasting protection, preceded by full interior detailing, which will protect the material from liquids, oils, grease and extend durability of car upholstery.

Prices up from: 899 PLN
If you are interested in this service or have any questions, contact us! Ask a question Call us+48 61 222 91 02
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